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Gun Barrel Stock: 6061 High-Quality Aircraft Aluminum
Barrel Lengths: 16.5", 18, 18.5", 20", 22" Barrel Lengths Available in all Calibers (22 L/R, Mag, .17HMR and .17HM2 - M77 rifle only) … Some without Flutes & Compensator.

Rifle Liner Ends ¾" from the Muzzle End in Barrels with Compensator.

Rifle Liner Runs the Full Length in Barrels without Compensator.

Most Popular Barrel Lengths for the LR and WMR Caliber, are 18.5" and 20". Note - factory barrel is 18.5" in length.

16.5" Barrels do not have compensator cuts due to the minimum length requirement.
Diameter: .920 Bull Barrel Style
Shank Size: .001 Oversized** May require minor hand fitting
Chamber: LR Bentz Chamber* (standard)
*22 LR Bentz Chamber: Can use standard or match grade ammunition. Hypervelocity ammo (such as CCI Stingers) are not recommended.

22WMR - Magnum
.17HM2 - M77 Barrel Only
Liner: 4140 Steel - Button Rifled
.050 Thickness on LR & WMR Liner, 6 Groove
.065 Thickness on .17HMR & .17HM2 Liner, 6 Groove
Rate of Twist: 1:16 - 22 LR and WMR
1:10 - .17 HMR
1:9 - .17HM2
1:9 - 22 LR Sub-Sonic (40, 50 , 60 grain ammo / accuracy range 25-50 yards)
Weight: Slightly Less Than 1 oz. per inch
Caliber: 22 Long Rifle, 22 WMR Magnum, 17HMR and .17HM2
Compensator: Standard Feature - Built-in, Non-Threaded Style
Fluted Barrel: Standard Feature - long one on top, smaller ones on the sides & bottom
Anodizing: This is an electrochemical process that chemically infuses the color into the aluminum and will not chip, peel or scratch.