WhistlePig GunBarrel Co

What’s in a name? In our case, WhistlePig, is a nickname for a ground squirrel in Southern Idaho. It’s official name is Townsend Ground Squirrel, Spermophilus townsendii. These ground squirrels communicate by emitting a faint, high-pitched whistle while partially underground… hence the name WhistlePig.

A WhistlePig's habitat is primarily arid desert burrowing in grassland hills and sagebrush. Each adult digs two burrows—a small one in the feeding area, evidently used as an escape hatch if predators approach, and a much bigger home burrow that is at least 50 feet (15 m) long and up to 6 feet (2 m) deep. During the spring-time of the year when the young are abroad and half-grown, they tend to be active, scurrying about between their auxiliary burrows and feeding on green plants. The adults are also known to be carnivorous, eating their young and road kills. One litter is produced per year, with 6 to 10 pups per litter. To a rancher with livestock or horses, the borrows can cause serious injury. Sportsmen have been encouraged to eradicate them.

The design of the barrel was created at a machine shop that produced high quality aluminum parts for the high-tech industry. In our spare time, we used Ruger10/22® rifles to assist a local rancher in eradicating the ground squirrels. The concept was to manufacture a lightweight, high quality aluminum barrel for the 10/22 rifle that provides a better balanced-handling rifle and consistent accuracy . After a few revisions, local demand for these barrels began to grow. Eventually, the concept to start up a company and make these barrels available to Ruger10/22® gun enthusiasts became a reality. The WhistlePig GunBarrel Company.

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Founder, WhistlePig GunBarrel Co.