Customer Story

Louis my new CZ-455 barrel is doing great! My latest one is the 22” bull, fluted, non-threaded barrel. It is on the rifle that I use to shoot the clubs “Extreme Rimfire” matches with. We shoot steel silhouettes out to 206 yards with the closest targets at 84 yards. Farther than you would typically shoot a 22 long rifle. (Odd yardage because the targets are actually set in meters) The barrel shoots as well as my 18” Whistle Pig barrel. With only about 250 rounds down the tube so far it is performing great. I’m sure it will get even better as more rounds get fired. Now with both barrels, I can swap them out between matches and hunting.

Below are pictures of my rifle and a target I shot at 100 yards while checking ammo. Thanks for all your help and producing such a fine barrel!

CZ 455 in Boyd’s Varmint Pro stock, F-Class Bi-pod, and 22” Whistle Pig barrel

10 shots at 100 yards with Eley Club. 3-4 mph quartering headwind.